Welcome to Southern Sashay! You will find recipes, crafts, decor and a little bit of the good ole’ South on this blog. Texas is my home state, growing up in Wichita Falls and Odessa. Upon graduating from high school, I accepted modeling jobs, commercials and competed in the Miss Texas USA Pageant.  Modeling assignments carried me to the “Sunshine State.”  Later, I studied at the University of Alabama,  but crazily uprooted myself and made the trek to California with a girlfriend.   Within 4 years, I met and married a California guy.   Our family planning brought us to Georgia, which we still call home.  We have been happy for 20 years in a suburb of Atlanta with two kids, now college students, Garrett and Abby.  The family includes our dog, “Teddy,” and “Salem,” a cat who creeped up on our doorstep with a group of trick-or-treaters on Halloween.


So, why did I start a blog?   I enjoy sharing things I’ve learned or created! This desire I believe is rooted in the fun I had learning from my mom.  She launched me into cooking, sewing, crafting, and cleaning at a very young age. The experiences with mom blossomed into my love for decorating, entertaining and so much more. I’m still learning all the facets of blogging but hope you jump on the train and travel along with me!

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