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Ceramic Port Candleholder | How to Make Flowers Last Longer Trick

Ceramic Port Candleholder

Decorating is a passion I have had since I can remember, especially during the holiday season.  The thought of Halloween right around the corner is throwing me into a tail spin! So much to do and so little time. Summer has come and gone and I am busy preparing for the school year.  My son is in his final year of Middle School and my daughter is mournfully starting 6th. I don’t blame her. Each school day consists of rushing around and fighting Atlanta rush hour traffic praying we arrive to school on time.  My son is bored and willing to make the drive to get out of the house, poor guy. I have to admit our Summer was rather humdrum due the ongoing issues with our home.

Up until now, no repairs have been accomplished since the wicked ice storm hit in January.  It’s hard to believe we have lived this way 7 months.  At times, it can be debilitating when your entire home is a horrible mess and everything you own is shoved in the basement.  Finding a contractor has been an issue and to even have a returned phone call is a blessing. After all this time, we have finally hired a company and surely our home will be good as new by Fall. God willing! Right? Anyone who knows me, knows I love  Autumn and all it’s glory.   I decorate to the hilt at Halloween and I will not be a “Happy Camper,” if I am unable to bring out my Halloween decorations and have this darn house “Spooky!”  Stay tuned…

Okay, let’s get down to business on this candleholder. I think you’re going to love it! Wisteria is one of my on-line websites I frequent often to find decor of all types.  While shopping on the clearance section, I came across this sweet little jewel.  Different sized ports to put candles, flowers or anything you fancy.  The candleholder is ceramic and rests on a slate base. Perfect for my bathroom, I decided to place a few tiny yellow roses, baby’s breath and candles.  Who doesn’t have a smile on their face while soaking in bubble bath heaven with flickering candles soothing the day’s cares away? I’m heading there after this post! A little tip, to keep those flowers gorgeous and fresh, is to add a little soda. Sugar in the soda helps the blossoms last longer.

Friends, here is the exciting news.  I purchased this months ago but while on their website today, this product is still available at 82 percent off the original price!  Alright, Alright, Alright!

You best be heading over there before it’s gone!


Ceramic Port Candleholder

Hi I am Kellie. My family and I currently live in Georgia. I am a Pinterest enthusiast and blogger who loves to share recipes and decorating tips. Also, a newly empty nester. My favorite things are my camera, curling up to watch a good movie, decorating for the holidays and spending time with my family. I love making new friends and made quite a few here. Jesus is my priority. Let’s get creative together!

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