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DIY Paint a Pot of Gold for St. Patrick’s Day

Today, I have a simple project you’re going to love. The small town where my family resides is brimming with Irish history.  Scottish and Irish immigrants settled here in the late 1800’s. They loved the land because it was reminiscent of the area around County Tyrone in Northern Ireland. I find it fascinating many homes built by the first settlers are still inhabited by their descendants. The Town of Tyrone was incorporated in 1911.  Shamrock Park is located in the heart of our town and we frequent there often for walks around the pond and to catch glimpses of ducks and other wildlife. This quaint charming park is a staple for our community. This inspired me create a St. Patrick’s Day flower pot.

So, let’s move on to the project.  Terra-cotta pots are readily available and useful but their appearance can be rather boring.  Painting these types of pots are effortless.  There are endless ways to decorate them, so use your own creative touches.

A few days ago, I prepped and painted one of the smaller pots gold. After it dried and was ready for use, I potted a Shamrock plant. This particular plant is called the “Iron Cross Shamrock Plant.” It was perfect for this project but you may choose any plant you prefer.  It does’t necessarily have to be for St. Patrick’s Day.


Small Terracotta Pot

Newspaper or Wax Paper

Clay Pot Sealant

Martha Stewart Multi-Surface Metallic Acrylic Craft Paint Gold #32103

Paint Dish

Small or Medium Foam Brush

4 inch Shamrock Plant


Gloss Sealant

First, remove all stickers and wash your pot and tray. Let it dry for 24 hours.  I purchased my pots at Michaels and they were mostly clean.  Older pots may be rough and porous.  In this case, you can use sand paper to smooth the surface. After the pot has thoroughly dried, place it on newspaper or wax paper outdoors and spray the water sealant to the inside. Wait a few hours and begin to paint.  Use long swipes with the foam brush around the pot so to not have stopping points.  The paint needs to blend nicely. Let it dry for a few hours. After the paint has dried, the gloss sealant may be applied. Spray the sealant outdoors.  Once dry, prepare the plant. Remove from carton and press the bottom dirt to loosen up the roots.  Place in pot and add potting soil as needed.  Water the plant and place your moss surrounding the plant.  My bag containing moss, (Pike’s Nursery) came with a variety of colors. The brown-tan color was perfect for the gold paint.

If you are unable to find the plant I snapped up,  the shamrock plant below is more easily found in your local stores.  It is simply named the “Green Shamrock Plant.”

Voila!  A perfect little accent to show-off on St. Patty’s Day or any day as the pot can be re-used.


Hi I am Kellie. My family and I currently live in Georgia. I am a Pinterest enthusiast and blogger who loves to share recipes and decorating tips. Also, a newly empty nester. My favorite things are my camera, curling up to watch a good movie, decorating for the holidays and spending time with my family. I love making new friends and made quite a few here. Jesus is my priority. Let’s get creative together!

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