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Patriotic Planter | DIY

Memorial Day is a time we remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.  Though we are truly blessed to live in such a wonderful nation, and owe so much to so many for our freedoms, it is often hard to show such gratitude.  Anything we can do to let our Veteran’s know how much we admire and appreciate them be it large or small, brings us all closer.  My daughter, Abby, and I decided to create a patriotic container garden and place it on top of our mailbox.

We shopped at our local garden store browsing for flowers and greenery.  There was quite a variety to choose from but after a long search, we chose Red New Guinea Impatiens, White Plumbago,  and Blue Salvia Farinacea.  For greenery, we loved Creeping Jenny and Sweet Potato Vine for their vibrant color.

Here’s What You Will Need

17 to 20 Inch Container

1  Small American Flag

2  1.6 Pint 4 inch Red New Guinea Impatiens

1  2.5 Quart White Plumbago

3  1.22 Pint Blue Salvia Farinacea

2  1.22 Pint Ipomoea Sweet Potato Vine

1  1 Pint Creeping Jenny

Potting Soil

Patriotic Planter | DIY

Here’s What You Will Do

Fill container with potting soil 3 inches from rim.

Remove White Plumbago from its container. Loosen roots with your fingers and place in center of container  using this as your guide for placement of other flowers and greenery.

Remove Red Impatiens and repeat process throughout with loosing roots. Place inside left corner pressing gently into soil.

Next, place the three Blue Salvia Farinacea on right side of Plumbago.

Add the Sweet Potato Vine in front and back of Plumbago.

Place Creeping Jenny wherever there might be a bare spot.

Add more soil to cover roots of flowers and greenery. Add water.

Finally, place a small flag in center.

Thank you to all our Veterans for your service.


Red FlowersWhite ContainerBlue Flowers

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