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Mexican Tuna Salad

I have to admit I wasn’t always a big tuna fish fan, but prepared as below, it has become a favorite. This recipe is great-tasting and easy to prepare. It all goes back to my childhood as a student in 5th grade. This time in my life was truly a treat because my family was stationed in the magnificent city of Anchorage, Alaska. My Dad was serving in the Air-Force at the time and we resided on base.  We braved the bitter cold and a few nerve-racking earthquakes now and then but living in the “Last Frontier” for one year was magical. Trudging my way to school in my colossal blue snowsuit with a shiny X slapped on my back was a bit awkward but it was the only way drivers could see me in the blinding white snow.  Skating on a glassy pond directly behind my school was any kids dream.  Imagine skating during recess. Cool, right? Also, gazing in awe as the Northern Lights would appear across the night sky. Then the time of year arrived when the stubborn sun would never go to bed commanding us to tear off sheets of aluminum foil and then proceed to tape all the windows in order to block the glorious rays keeping us from getting any shut-eye.  Oh wait! No fun there. Seriously, if you ever have the opportunity to travel to Alaska, do it!



Let’s move on to the recipe.  It was during my time in Alaska, Mom stumbled upon a small packet of seasonings for tuna salad. I was apprehensive to even taste a tiny morsel fearing the God awful taste. I was pleasantly surprised it was actually quite enjoyable.  Bravely, I accepted a bigger bite.  Well, my contempt for tuna was altered forever.  Grocery stores here don’t stock it and my tuna days have practically been non-existent.  Possibly, it is a northern specialty or since I haven’t eaten it since the Ice Age, it may have been discontinued.  Whatever the case may be, I was determined to develop it on my own. Nothing earth-shattering but just a simple tuna recipe pretty darn close to the unknown spice packet.



2 small cans tuna StarKist (in water)

4 celery stalks diced

4 green onions chopped

2 tablespoons organic taco seasoning

2 tablespoons Mayonnaise

small container heirloom tomatoes seeded and diced

salt and pepper to taste



Drain tuna. Mix first 5 ingredients. Top with tomatoes. Salt and pepper to taste. You can always add more seasoning if you prefer a little more kick.



Hi I am Kellie. My family and I currently live in Georgia. I am a Pinterest enthusiast and blogger who loves to share recipes and decorating tips. Also, a newly empty nester. My favorite things are my camera, curling up to watch a good movie, decorating for the holidays and spending time with my family. I love making new friends and made quite a few here. Jesus is my priority. Let’s get creative together!

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